Our tour packages are in Bio Bio region, central area of Chile, where we have specialized. But we also have tours that allow you to go along the whole national territory. Some of the famous ones are San Pedro de Atacama, Valparaíso, Bio Bio/Araucanía/Los Lagos regions, and of course the Chilean Patagonia territory.

Bio Bio Region, New destiny for adventure!

Full of pristine landscapes, trails with an endless biodiversity and an ancient and rural culture that still survives. Our offers, range from the sea to the mountains, from the unknown beaches to hills that are waiting for its first ascension. Bio Bio is certainly one of the best kept secrets in Chile, is vibrant, unexplored, diverse, and it is waiting for you! This region stands for being the birth place of some of the most important characters of our History as the naval hero Arturo Prat, the Mapuche Toqui Lautaro, the famous singer Violeta Parra, the pianist Claudio Arrau, the poets Nicanor Parra and Gonzalo Rojas, among others. But this region is not only about Chilean History, its extension covers from the Pacific Ocean to Los Andes mountain range, what allows us to enjoy diverse attractions as inhospitable beaches, historical vineyards, rich valleys fulfill with fields and trails that wind along the mountains usually frequented by carriers and “vaqueanos”. Many destinies that we offer are inside the biosphere reserve “Nevados de Chilán – Laguna Laja”. Worldwide significant, this reserve looks forward to shelter multiples species in a unique ecosystem. Right here is where the center of Chile mixes with species of the Valdivian Jungle, temperate forest and the beginning of the steppe forest of the Chilean Patagonia.

Las Trancas Valley and Termas de Chillán

Andean mountain destination, framed by the native forest, Nevados de Chillán Volcanic complex, with more than 11 craters and rivers of the Andes bordering the valleys, are the landscape that you can find in this place. World famous for its ski slopes and thermal hot springs baths, the destination has specialized in a place to practice adventure sports where apart from skiing, it is suitable for: hiking, trekking, climbing, MTB, downhill, enduro, cayoning, canopy, among others. In addition to being an excellent place for wildlife turism, mainly birds and insects. This is complemented by a tourist infrastructure of first quality where you can find varied types of accommodation, Spa, bars and restaurants.

Near cities

Concepción is the capital of the Bio Bio region, and is known as the gateway to the south of Chile, and the second most important city of the country, was founded in 1550 by Pedro de Valdivia in the city of Penco, and then Moved to the Mocha Valley along the Bio Bio River.
It is popular for university life, with an important artistic culture, political and historical importance and is also noted for being the business tourism capital of southern Chile. So it has a wide range of restaurants, hotels and services.
In the area you can visit attractions such as Mural History of Concepcion, Avda. Arturo Prat, made in the middle of the twentieth century by the Chilean Gregorio de la Fuente, La Plaza de la Independencia, where you can visit the Cathedral and the Museum of Art Sacred, Ecuador Park and Caracol Hill.

It was founded in 1579 by Martín Ruiz de Gamboa, captain-general and governor of Chile at that time, who gave it the name of San Bartolomé de Chillán. It is located in the province of Ñuble and its surroundings make it a perfect destination. It is the entrance to the area of Las Trancas Valley, and if you are in Chillan you can miss visiting the market which is characterized by the amount of gastronomy and handicrafts that can be found in each of its corners, it is also recognized by its Cathedral Which was built between 1939 and 1960 and has a cross of 36 meters in homage to the dead of the earthquake of 1939. How to get to Chillan: • Train: EFE Terrasur service with stopovers in cities from O'Higgins and Maule to Chillán station. • Bus: In case you take a bus in the Alameda Sur Terminal, the arrival is direct to the City of Chillán and the services have varied continuous schedules. • Airplane you can take a Santiago - Concepción flight (1 hour flight) and then transfer by vehicle from Concepción to Chillán. • To reach our main office in the town of Las Trancas, from Chillán you should follow the N-55 road, to the km 72, then turn left on the road to Shangri La and go 200 mts, you will find our office at Left hand, with ample parking.


This beautiful village is located on the coast of the Bio Bio Region, in the province of Ñuble. The area of Cobquecura has 54 km of beach, which makes it a town with one of the greatest extension of coast of the Region, this allows it to be a great focus of tourism of special interests among them adventure tourism, ecotourism and community tourism. Cobquecura is land of contrast for its fields, beaches and urban areas; being its main characteristic to possess a very pleasant climate, that is maintained throughout the year. It is located 105 km northwest of Chillán, and among its beaches is a group of rocks in a curious way known as 'La Lobería' that serves as a refuge for the marine fauna of the area, including the most popular sea lion. To the south of the village you can visit Rinconada beach, famous internationally for its waves, being included in the national surfing circuits. But it is also recognized by its cultural importance, its historical center was declared National Monument in June of the year 2005; one of its attractions is the Church of San José, located in the street O'higgins, which is popular for its construction in stone slab and native wood.


The territory of the extreme south of the Bio Bio region is an area rich in culture and tourist destinations, with different gastronomy and identity in each place, among them the most popular are:

, belongs to the province of Arauco, is located 135 km south of Concepción, and is recognized as a historic city, being one of the oldest and Chile, and being the area closest to the battle of Tucapel. It is characterized for being a source of agricultural tradition and for its tourism, with several attractions such as the mapuche museum, the stone of the eagle at The Nahuelbuta National Park, the lake Lanalhue, adding that is a great destination for Bird watching and cultural trips.

Is located to the south of the Province of Arauco to 170 km of Conception, is in the swest side of the cordillera of Nahuelbuta, and was founded in 1868, but later years in 1884 arrived Germans to area. This town presents a microclimate that benefits the horticultural activity, especially the cultivation of the murtilla and white strawberry, this is the last national exclusivity of this zone. Close to the lakes Lanalhue and the Lleu Lleu. Another particularity that makes Contulmo a special place is the daily life of a trilogy of cultures: German colony, Mapuche and Chilean .