Ñuble National Reserve and Atacalco Safari 4x4

1 day
$ 42 USD

If you are looking for nature and a 4 × 4 experience come and enjoy our Safari tour by Ñuble National Reserve in a classic jeep Land-Cruiser.

Touring the legendary Atacalco Valley, we’ll learn about flora and fauna biodiversity, local history and culture.

Crossing incredible obstacles like rivers and steep climbs to finally reach the Ñuble National Reserve, lost corner in the heart of the Biosphere Reserve, Nevados de Chillan - Laguna del Laja, where you can immerse yourself in natural pools of the Relbún River.

Hiking options in Ñuble National Reserve


§  Huella del Huemul Path and Relbún River Natural Pools


Discover one of the places with the richest biodiversity in Chile. Here you will see the beautiful basin of Diguillín River and enjoy the natural pools and tributaries of Relbún River. During the tour you will see the Atacalco Valley and Huella del Huemul trail, by which you will get access to the Huemul viewpoint.


§  Sendero de Chile and Relbún River Natural Pools


Walking through Sendero de Chile (Chilean Path), gives you the chance to enjoy beautiful attractions such as the cascade of the White Widow and the hills of Las Bravas and El Tabaco. It is a journey of changing landscapes, always walking next to the Diguillin River.


1)    Pick up at your accommodations

2)    4x4 road trip

3)    Arrive to Ñuble Reserve

4)    Natural pools of the Relbún River

5)    Hike at the at the National Reserve

Highlights: Diguillin River, Natural pools of the Relbún Rive r, 4x4 Land crusier ride, Las Bravas, Chiles Trail ( Trumao – Coihueria)