Renegado Volcano

1 day
$ 31 USD We confirm this tour with 2 clients minimum

We will begin this walk on the "Sleeping Giant" path, then we’ll continue on our way to "Palo Huacho", surrounded by forests which alternate their dominance of Deciduous Forest that is distinctive of these latitudes. We’ll continue along a creek that runs along a petrified volcanic material, caves and forests. After leaving the creek a high Andean scenario makes appearance where vegetation disappears gradually giving way to the view of the crater of Renegado Volcano. The summit of this crater gives us an overview of the whole Nevados de Chillan volcanic complex and Shangri-la and Las Trancas Valley. After enjoying the summit our next destination is Gargantadel Diablo Canyon with lava and rocks formations and that leads to a mythical mountain refuge built with volcanic stones, in this place we will gain energies before embarking on our way back.



1)    Pick up at your accommodations

            2) Walk through the "Sleeping Giant" path

3) Snack at the crater of Renegado Volcano

4) Garganta Del Diablo Canyon

5) Return to the transfer by tres marias track and back to accommodations.

Highlights: "Sleeping Giant" path, Renegado Volcano, Gargantadel Diablo Canyon, and Mountain Refuge.