Renegado Waterfall

half day
$ 22 USD

The tour founds its way in Atacalco Valley which is nourished by Diguillín River. We’ll begin walkingin the park Tierra Verde, going through the path with native forest from where we’ll get into the small Lo Oculto Valley. Here we’ll find an ancient forest with trees over 200 years. Continuing our way we’ll arrive at the banks of the Diguillín River where you can enjoy its waters and rapids. Then, we’ll go on along the shore jumping from rock to rock up until reaching the stunning Renegado Waterfall, with over 30 meters high, just to get into it and appreciate it from a cave behind it.




1)    Pick up at your accommodations

            2) Walk through Tierra Verde Park

3) Snack and bathing at Diguillin River.

4) Water fall crossing

5) Return to the transfer ending de circuit.

Highlights: Diguillin River, Renegado Waterfall, Tierra Verde Park.