Hiking Tour Valle las Trancas Full

7 days/ 6 nights
$ 788.000 CLP per person (IVA included) (Minimum 2 people)

You can’t say you know The Valley of Las Trancas in the Chillan Mountains if you have not done this Hike Tour, where you will know the best of the flora, fauna and landscapes of this beautiful mountain valley. Enjoy from a bath in natural hot springs looking a great volcano or rivers with water rockslides and the panoramic volcano crater view , without forgetting the ancient forests that host the: patagonic black woodpecker, culpeo fox, and the mighty condor among others species.  All this biodiversity is considered within the World Biosphere Reserve, of   "Nevados de Chillán - Laguna del Laja".

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Day 1

Renegado Waterfall

The tour founds its way in Atacalco Valley which is nourished by Diguillín River. We’ll begin walking in the park Tierra Verde, going through the path with native forest from where we’ll get into the small Lo Oculto Valley. Here we’ll find an ancient forest with trees over 200 years. Continuing our way we’ll arrive at the banks of the Diguillín River where you can enjoy its waters and rapids. Then, we’ll go on along the shore jumping from rock to rock up until reaching the stunning Renegado Waterfall, with over 30 meters high, just to get into it and appreciate it from a cave behind it.


Day 2

Hot springs, Aguas Calientes,

This is one of the most characteristic and impressive routes in the area, if you come to Las Trancas, you can’t leave without having this experience

 The path starts in the base of the ski center, after an hour of ascension we come upon with the fumaroles “La Olla del Mote”, where you can perceive the active Los Andes mountain range. During our way, we will have an impressive panoramic view of the valleys of the Renegado River and Diguillín River. Also, you will see the Antuco Volcano and the Sierra Velluda at south, of course, being always under the surveillance of the Chillan Volcanos.


Later, we will star to come down to the Hot Spring Rivers Valley, habitat of the Condor and Puma, where the hot spring Rivers sprout from the ground giving you the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing bath. Finally, after a snack, we will start our way back by the same path right down to the transfer.

Day 3

 Ñuble National Reserve and Atacalco Safari 4x4


If you are looking for nature and a 4 × 4 experience come and enjoy our Safari Ecotour by Ñuble National Reserve in a classic jeep Land-Cruiser.

Touring the legendary Atacalco Valley, we’ll learn about flora and fauna biodiversity, local history and culture.

Crossing incredible obstacles like rivers and steep climbs to finally reach the Ñuble National Reserve, lost corner in the heart of the Biosphere Reserve, Nevados de Chillan - Laguna del Laja, where you can immerse yourself in natural pools of the Relbún River.

Hiking options in Ñuble National Reserve


Huella del Huemul Path and Relbún River Natural Pools


Discover one of the places with the richest biodiversity in Chile. Here you will see the beautiful basin of Diguillín River and enjoy the natural pools and tributaries of Relbún River. During the tour you will see the Atacalco Valley and Huella del Huemul trail, by which you will get access to the Huemul viewpoint.


Sendero de Chile and Relbún River Natural Pools


Walking through Sendero de Chile (Chilean Path), gives you the chance to enjoy beautiful attractions such as the cascade of the White Widow and the hills of Las Bravas and El Tabaco. It is a journey of changing landscapes, always walking next to the Diguillin River.

Day 4

Huemul Lagoon

This hiking goes over the forests and the high Andean steppe where you can observe the great biodiversity of flora and fauna. The Condors and Hawks are easy to catch sight. Once you are on top you will see the great volcanic complex Nevados de Chillán and Las Trancas and Shangri-La Valleys. Laguna Huemul takes place in the top of Cerro Las Cabras (2000 m.a.m.s.l) and it characterized by its singular turquoise water.

Day 5

Optional tour ore rest at the hotel

Day 6

Garganta del Diablo –Renegado Volcano

We will begin this walk on the "Sleeping Giant" path, then we’ll continue on our way to "Palo Huacho", surrounded by forests which alternate their dominance of Deciduous Forest that is distinctive of these latitudes. We’ll continue along a creek that runs along a petrified volcanic material, caves and forests. After leaving the creek a high Andean scenario makes appearance where vegetation disappears gradually giving way to the view of the crater of Renegado Volcano. The summit of this crater gives us an overview of the whole Nevados de Chillan volcanic complex and Shangri-la and Las Trancas Valley. After enjoying the summit our next destination is Garganta del Diablo Canyon with lava and rocks formations and that leads to a mythical mountain refuge built with volcanic stones, in this place we will gain energies before embarking on our way back.

Day 7

At any time at the morning you choose, we pick you up before check out time at 12:00, and drive you to Back to Concepcion airport or Chillan train/bus Station.



6 Nights hotel in double rooms, hotel Refugio de la Luna de Ecobox Andino ore similar.

All meals on the Itinerary (breakfast, Lunch Box, dinners)

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Dinner X X X X X X  

Transfer Concepcion/Chillan to Las Trancas

Transfer Las Trancas to Concepcion/Chillan

All transfer from and to the tours

Box-lunch at the trips

Group equipment

Specialized local guides

Adventure insurance

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Volcano Climbing, Hot Springs, Waterfall Cruising, River Beading, Ñuble National Reserve, Laja Lagoon National Park, Shangri-la Sunset.