Expedition Ñuble Reserve

6 days /5 nights from
$ 540 USD per person

This 6-day trek crosses the Andes Mountain Range in Chile, in the Bio Bio Region called Ñuble Mountain Range. The journey starts in a vehicle in the town of Los Lleuques, from where we will travel the legendary Atacalco Valley, with wonderful mountainous landscapes, such as the imposing Cerro Las Bravas, surrounded by native forest, to the Los Cipreses sector.

We will continue walking with the support of horses "pilcheros", which will take part of our equipment and food, to the distant and indomitable National Reserve Ñuble. We will enter the Diguillín River Valley, visiting the White Widow Falls and the former Arriero Post, along trails still used by the arriera culture.

The native forest is composed of Nothofagus species: mainly, as lengas, ñirres, oaks, coihues and raulíes; Inhabited by animals like the carpenter black head, the second largest in the world.

The valleys of the route are the heart World Biosphere Reserve: "Biological Corridor Nevados de Chillan Laguna Laja", a priority conservation site worldwide due to the great biodiversity, mainly of trees and birds. It is possible to observe more than 30 tree species and more than 60 species of birds, such as the Condor of Los Andes.

The guides of this crossing interpret the landscape, tell the stories and legends of the area, watching over the quality of the trip and the safety of the group in this adventure in the mountain range.

The transfers from one camp to another will be on foot through the Chile Trail, with a light backpack the rest of the team will be carried by the porters. You only load a day pack with what you need during the day, it is important that you strictly adhere to the list of equipment delivered so you do not have to carry other things.

Difficulty or level of activity:

All sections of the crossing are recommended for participants with no previous experience or technical knowledge.


Day 1 :

From Chillán we moved to the Ñuble National Reserve located in the heart of the Central Andes, without first knowing the famous market of the city of Chillán. Once in the Reserve we enjoy the Cordillera landscape and its attractions such as the river Relbún with its rock canyons and beautiful natural pools

We join our team and enter the Cordillera following the Chilean Trail, which crosses the Diguillín Valley, surrounded by beautiful old forests, then reach the traditional summer resorts where we will spend the night, surrounded by impressive mountain ranges.

Day 2 : 

We move to Los Peucos thermal baths, to get to this beautiful place we must cross the Cordillera valley of Los Barros, several estuaries and rivers. During this trip is an excellent opportunity for bird watching due to diversity of ecosystems, then get to enjoy the thermal baths of Los Peucos

 Day 3 :

We will have a day of exploration of the sector the peucos to cross and to realize different activities and to know the near attractions: rivers, lagoons; Forest, and hot springs.

Day 4 :

After a day of rest we will move to the beautiful Valley Sector our penultimate camp, to reach this place, our route will visit various attractions such as stone house, Polcura River, El Salto del Blanquillo. We will continue our trekking contemplating the mountain range of Los Caitanos until arriving at our camp.

Day 5:

During our last day of trekking, we will head back to the El Trumao sector, on this route we will have one of the most spectacular views of the Andes Mountains, watching the volcanoes of the Nevados de Chillán complex and the Atacalco valley. Then we will descend until we reach the River Relbún again, for a soothing bath. 

Day 6 :

Departure to Chillan end of the program 

The expedition  can be done between the months of:

December to April




5 nights in camping Reserve N. Ñuble, in tent for 2 people with sleeping bag and mats.

Porter horses (1 every 4 people)

Specialized bilingual guide, trained in First Aid; Every 6 people.

Local Guide Horse and rider for the luggage 

Entries to the R.N. Ñuble.

Adventure Tourism Insurance.

First aid box.

Trekking poles

Transfers during the Program:

Chillán - Los Lleuques
Los Lleuques - Ñuble National Reserve - Los Lleuques

Los Lleuques  - Chillán
Complete meals (Breakfast, Sanck and Lunch Box, Dinners, End roasting)

  Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6
Breakfast   X X X X X
Lunch / Lunch box X X X X X  
Dinner X X X X X